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Hand-poured Candles || Blue Vervain
Hand-poured Candles || Blue Vervain
Hand-poured Candles || Blue Vervain

Hand-poured Candles || Blue Vervain

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Hand-poured Candles || Mugwort

Handmade candles to light your way this winter, lovingly hand-poured by maker Hannah Martine, @the_moonlit_path...She is also one of our devoted customers. That's how we came to find her and open a special place here on the Of Earth & Salt site to share her work, the joy of herbal magic, candles, and support a sister who pours her heart into her craft the way we do. We hope you enjoy her candles & share them with your loved ones, especially in the dark days surrounding the winter solstice.

From the maker herself, a detailed description:

A 7.2 oz. Soy/Beeswax candle
No artificial fragrances

*UNSCENTED* (Blue vervain is a non-aromatic plant and does not produce any essential oil. It's purely energetic and perfect for anyone with sensitivities).

Hand-poured with infused herbal oils of the plant. My intention is to create a clean burning candle that is close to nature. Herbs and their magic are dear to my heart. I hand make the herbal infused oils with organic and sustainably grown or wild harvested herbs.

These candles are poured with love and intention, meaning to bring the power and spirit of the herb into your home. For centuries lighting a candle and the use of flame has invoked ritual and spirit into our lives. What better way than to bring the herb into our homes than through intention, prayer, and light ✨

**Let burn for 2-3 hours at a time, allowing wax to evenly pool in order to get a consistent burn down to the very bottom. Never leave unattended. Trim wick if flame gets high iot smokey, 1/4" is preferred and allows longer burn time. I hand pour every candle, which creates uniqueness to every one, but I try to make them as consistent as possible!
Thank you!

B L U E V E R V A I N~
This is one of the most mystical and magical herbs in my current apothecary cabinet. One of most sacred herbs of the Druids, or "Knowers of the Oak Tree", and a plant of the dark spaces, they would harvest this herb under a new moon, use it in divination, drink it to summon prophetic ability (third eye opening) and to connect with the ancestors or more recent beloved dead 💀🌚💜👁️

On a lighter side of the Plant's Spirit, it was also known as an aphrodisiac. Ruled by Venus & Gemini, it could be carried by a bride on her wedding day to ensure a good wedding night. It was also used in loves spells to ignite passion, burned or sprinkled in the home to ward off negative spirits, and worn as a talisman for protection. 🗡️

It is also known in Clinical Herbalism as a "nervine". Specific for helping relax those that have intense drive and push themselves to hard (excess Mars energy). It also has an indication for those that work themselves to hard for fear of not being "enough". Blue Vervain can help transforms inner fears, especially those of failure, defeat, and low self value. ✨

This beautiful purple herb should appear in homes of those who are doing their spiritual work and seek more support and opening of their third eye. Or, on the bedside tables of those in relationship who seek support in their passion for one another.

Hand-poured Candles || Blue Vervain