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Bike Short || Nirvana || Amethyst

Bike Short || Nirvana || Amethyst

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Biker Shorts || Nirvana || Amethyst

We are excited for this color! Mix and match this short with any of our tops or dresses. We suggest them all for layering in your existing wardrobe.

About this cut:

This is our second round of these and we’ve perfected the pattern. This round is running perfectly true to size. We love this new cut!! We’ve been asked to make these shorts for years now. After lots of R & D, Q & A, and finally, trial & error, we made our first batch of what we felt was the most perfect little “bike” shorts; AKA: clothes for under your clothes....But then, we released them and got feedback. Now these ones are even better! Thanks babes! These are the perfect little shorts for under skirts and dresses and super comfy for sleep, lounging, and a necessity for numerous other outfits. They are the perfect thing for under a mini dress or body con dress— You know how when you walk while wearing dresses like that, they tend to creep up? Our V Cotton Slip Dress has been known to do that. We always recommend wearing cotton undies, boy shorts, or little shorts like these to allow the dress fabric to cling to it and stay in place. These shorts are the remedy for that exact issue and we couldn’t be happier! Plus, many of us feel better when we know the world won’t see our crotch in a short dress or skirt. 

Our collective frustration with uncomfortable leggings (that go up your you-know-what) inspired us to draft a special pattern that eliminates the need for a gusset and removes the center front seam all together. We took that inspo and applied it here. There’s no other way to say it: as women making clothes for women, we had our female parts in mind. Say goodbye to unwanted fabric creeping into places it has no business & promote your vaginal health by wearing clothes that don’t cut into it.  The back includes a center back seam and extra high rise that allows for sitting and bending without the waist dropping. The elastic-free waistband provides extra comfort. These are patterned after our our best selling, tried and true, leggings style. Enjoy!

92% cotton, 8% spandex. Made ethically in California, just like everything else we make. Remember all hand-dyed pieces will vary in saturation and pattern, adding to the uniqueness of each garment. 


 Size S M L XL
Inseam 5.5" 5.5"
Rise 9.5"
10" 10" 10"

 See our size page for complete measurements for each corresponding size.